British artist living in SW France for ten years. Rackowe's work is mainly paintings using oil on linen canvas. She often uses inks and pastels for smaller studies.

Rackowe's work is concerned with light and often has dramatic skies above solitary or incongruous objects. They carry a certain dreamlike and detached quality, often giving a feeling of waiting for something to happen. Her use of roads in many of her works carry a theme of a continuous journey that does not always have a defined end. There are questions left unanswered, purposes unknown.

The theme of solitude runs across into her urban works which often reflect the 'in your own bubble' aspect of daily life. Each painting is a glimpse into a moment, easily missed, often unnoticed. People rub shoulders in situations, stand side by side, strangely close for a moment, but never knowing one another.

Other themes depict neglected sites that have been commandeered for other uses or left to memories, forever standing still as time continues around them. Her work is often haunting and asks us to look deeper into the picture.

Other works concern the landscape around her and Rackowe is currently working on a series of paintings reflecting the landscape of vineyards around her in SW France.

Rackowe exhibits in internationally and has work in collections in France, USA, Germany, Austrlia, The Netherlands and England. She teaches oil painting locally near her home in the Dordogne.

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