Me? Not much to know really. Father, Husband, business owner and lover of art. Typical themes - whatever is on my mind but usually cycling, outdoors stuff and music. Mixed media, Oil Painting, Watercolors and Acrylic - have sold them all and love them all.

I live in Minneapolis MN where the diversity in art rivals anywhere else on the planet. I hope to invoke a feeling when you look at my work. It is a part of me so therefore I hope it becomes an inspiration for you...or not I guess. To each their own.

I studied studio arts in design and painting at UW Eau Claire WI and learned from some of the best artists I know. The best thing I learned was never to be afraid to try and fail.

I am an avid cyclists and musician (hobby) and enjoy life to the fullest. Contact me for works you see here - of course there are many that slip through the i-fingers and dont get put up here. I am glad to create to suite and to sell works I have created for myself.

Enjoy as I have.

Andrew Gaard Claflin

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