Girls Own the Void

Audrey Wollen is a feminist theorist and visual artist based in Los Angeles. Wollen uses social media, primarily Instagram, where she has over 25,000 followers, as a platform for her work on Sad Girl Theory, a theory which includes the notion of sadness as a form of power, and the idea that female sadness and self-loathing might include elements of empowerment. According to Wollen, this empowerment may ultimately lead to women uniting.Wollen uses her Instagram feed as an art gallery where she uses her body in her art by objectifying her own body, and putting herself into famous paintings, among other methods. Wollen describes her work as a methodology of survival, a method for rethinking "looking" and "being". Wollen is inspired by feminist philosopher Judith Butler and Butler's theory of gender performativity. In her artwork, Wollen makes visible the performative aspects of online existence and activity and how identity is constructed. According to Wollen there is no distinct binary between "the real" or authentic and performance, instead, the artist makes visible how performance is an inevitable aspect of online activities (as well as in "everyday life"), and how subjects are mediated through technology and language.

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