My work can be best described by the stylistic concept of ‘abstract expressionism’. To me the abstract representation of reality is part of a quest to find a visual language that allows me to express the authenticity and intensity of my experience of reality. Of course this experience is very personal. Because to me what we call ‘reality’ is in fact mostly hidden behind the visible and directly observable.
In the abstract representation of reality I search for the origin of form. The seed of the potential color-form relationship is like a child in the womb: everything is still in its embryonic phase and although the structure of the origin is present, the final configuration of conventional (often conflicting) images is yet open and receptive to a wide range of possibilities. To me this originality and the things that could grow out of it stand for life itself and the processes that shape it.

Auke Mulder (1946), is an artist living and working in Julianadorp, The Netherlands.

2016 Gallery Elgen Tynset Norway, 20 August-15 September
2014 Gallery Marzia Frozen, Berlin, Germany, (July 5- July 31)
2014 Gallery 't Tiende Kind, Julianadorp, (Juny 15- September 1)
2013 Gallery Fija, Kunstmoment Diepenheim. (October 17 - 27)
2013 Camaver Kunsthaus, San Nicolao, Bellano Italy. (July 13 - 28)
2012 Vernissage “Spore”, Atelier Auke Mulder, 11 December.
2012 Solo exhibition - Tynset Noorwegen/Norway (August 18 - October 11) Galleri Elgen, Tynset
2012 Solo exhibition - Werkatelier Richter (24 February - 7 April) Den Helder
2011 Solo exhibition “Informeel Monumentaal”, Doopsgezinde Kerk Den Helder
2011 Vernissage “Membrana”, Atelier Auke Mulder
2010 Vernissage “Synthesis”, Atelier Auke Mulder
2009 Vernissage “World in progress, reframing history”, Atelier Auke Mulder
2009 Nominated Vermeulen Brauckman Art Prize
2005 Group exhibition Oude Ursulakerk, Warmenhuizen.
2004 Group exhibition Thalens Art Prize

2014 Catalogue, The Flight of the Eagle
2013 Catalogue, The Color of Light.
2012 Catalogue, Spore.
2011 Catalogue, Membrana.
2010 Catalogue, Synthesis.
2009 Catalogue, World in progress, reframing history.

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