Beat Kuert (1946) is a multimedia artist and film director. He is recognized as
a nonconformist author and is considered one of the most daring explorers of his generation. His work investigates human existential dilemmas through aesthetic experiences he devises as an artistic laboratory, drawing on various expressions and integrating different art forms. After a successful career as a film director, (Mulungu, Martha Dubronski, Deshima, Schilten …) he devoted himself to the visual arts.
Kuert’s images are often provocative and intended to create a sense of wonder in the viewer’s eyes. The impression he produces is intended as a way to seek the sublime in human emotions. For Kuert, the role of art is to be a door to the unconscious and it is the artist who, through the energy he infuses in his work, spurs others to look for what is wonderful outside everyday routine, returning all the inspiration he draws from the world.
Kuert's photography derives imaginary from a variety sources including old manuscript, art performance, film and subvert common visual association by drawing attention to unlimited juxtapositions and obscured and fragmented images.
Kuert creates photographs that appear digitally manipulated, but which in actuality are constructed through his technique. The artist's photographs reflect his statement that "all of [his] work is about two fundamental elements, that may be interpreted in multiple ways
like “on and off”, “yes and no”, but also as “yin and yang”. As a result, the underpinnings of Kuert’s work are deeply-based and influenced by eastern philosophy.
He used to teach Visual Communication at the professional University (SUPSI) in Lugano and the Film school ZELIG in Bolzano.
Beat Kuert founded the art-collective dust&scratches in 2005 to produce performances, video-art and music along with his photographic work. He has exhibited his films and pictures in many international venues and won several awards.
In 2013 he was invited to be a guest of honor at the IX New Florence Biennale with his first site-specific installation “Et Sic in Infinitum”. In 2015 his work “FaultLine /TimeLine” was shown at Palazzo Bembo, as a collateral event to the 56th Venice Art Biennale 2015.
Since 2008, Beat Kuert has completed various projects in China: 2010 “Destroyed Lines” in Beijing (Yuanfen Gallery and Imagine Gallery) and his Wunderkammer photographic series at the M&C Saatchi Gallery in Shanghai.
2017 Eyemazing Susan published the book “Beat Me” a pictorial requiem to hallucination and desire” with the work of Beat Kuert (Eyemazing Edition).

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