I grew up in Southern Mediterranean among beautiful orange orchards and olive trees in a small village. We lived self-sustaining life style where nothing was wasted. They had love, compassion, and appreciation for all living creatures that influenced me greatly throughout my life.
I love painting and my artworks tell story or reflect on idea and feeling based on emotions and social issues. My art works connects the dots between powers of universe and interactions within all. The landscape paintings and figurative abstract art that flow with creative imaginations and vibrant colors and its shades have been my passion. I always enjoy creating work of art where colors and shapes blends with landscape to express emotions. As an artist, I have passion for being inform and have strong convictions to humanity and preserving earth for future generations with all its beauty. My paintings intend to absorb the viewers to new dimensions where creative mind could open windows to universe no one has imagined yet.

My Life Philosophy quote, “We should celebrate our collective achievements which brought us to this point in time to tolerate and respect differences among each other, rather than crush each other dreams, allow each one of us flourish within our dreams.”

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