Nancy Cunard, c.1925

Edwin Curtis Moffat (October 11, 1887 – 1949), better known as Curtis Moffat, was a London-based American abstract photographer, painter and modernist interior designer.Moffat studied painting in New York and in Paris before exhibiting his work in New York during World War I. He married the actress and poet Iris Tree, and the couple moved to London after the war, where Moffat took up abstract photography. He collaborated with Man Ray and Cecil Beaton on numerous occasions throughout his career. He opened a photographic studio in London in 1925. Four years later, he opened an interior design showroom and gallery, displaying a combination of modern, antique and African tribal furnishings. His home became a popular salon for artists, intellectuals and gourmands.He moved back to America in 1939 with his second wife, settling on Martha's Vineyard, where he continued to paint.

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