Multimedia Artist - Graphic Designer, Guitarist, Composer, Video Director

early years in print shops as cameraman and pressman creating mail art;
business forms designer; technical illustrator, handdrawn and later with Intergraph 3D systems; Xyvision and desktop publisher; motion graphics designer; video editor; recording engineer of foreign language narrations for a translation agency and for bands.

Artist's Statements:

If I'm not playing guitar, then I make images.

I once saw an upright Hoover vacuum carved out of marble in a Soho gallery and would like to find out who that artist is.

I also saw a chrome life-sized shark in an SF gallery. I would like to know more about that piece too. I have since found out that it was a shark/machinegun made by Christopher Schulz.

People think driving on Highway 5 is boring. They are not paying attention!

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