He was born in 1957 in Casnigo, in the Seriana Valley (Bergamo, Italy). A self-taught photographer, his is a visionary's quest to find a dialogue between his thoughts and the images that live and take shape around him.
He started taking pictures in 1975.
After a period of abstinence from photography, he went back to it in 2002 as digital photography was emerging. However, he also continued to work in analogue.
He was criticised for thinking more about poetry than photography, but retains that whoever said this was paying him a compliment - "The enchanted eye" is definitely an added value.
"I take pictures instinctively, I have neither technique nor skill…..and I don't care."
He strongly believes this and it couldn't better describe his style of photography.
Convinced that it is not the tool you use that determines the outcome, he maintains that if that were the case, "You could hand me a gold pen and I would be able to write The Divine Comedy”.

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