I am born in 1955 in Austria and started painting during my scenographie studies at the art University of Graz (A) at the age of 23 years. After my studies I began to work in different theatres in Germany and Luxembourg. First as a stage designer and after 5 years also as a director.
But painting always remained my source of inspiration although I had longer periods of interruption because of the birth of my 3 children.
I am still working in theatre productions but 2011, I decided to shift my main focus on painting.
I had the oportunity to work in Montreal (CA) and meanwhile I am living and painting part of the year in Montreal.
Painting for me is to catch my personal moment of passion in the creation of an image.
My work is often linked to the previous painting. That is the reason why I generate series to the same subject. I want to create an intriguing starting point for communication, to attract those who like to look at stories told in images.
Since 2012 I had several exhibitions in Montréal, Luxembourg and Austria.

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