Much of my work as an artist is a response to the flowing narratives of nature, and to the wealth of languages that nature has developed that tell us its stories. Intentionally, my images slip and slide between the descriptive and the abstract, or what I prefer to think of as the concentrated. I seek to excite in the viewer a sense of attention, provoking thoughts and feelings that encourage a curiosity about what is around them, what they are part of, what lies beyond the visible.

I make my artworks with a camera yet I see them as closer to painting than to photography, carrying a different emotional charge, and extending a different tradition. I see my creative journey as being a tight manouevre through the gaps between painting, photography and the moving image. This is why I choose to work with prints on to many different media, large format translucency and projection, sometimes in the same exhibition space. I feel a strong affinity to the white cube, the gallery, the museum, but I also seek to break out of the frame, to present work in contexts that are unbound by the rules of the academy, the critic, the marketplace.

My approach to art, in fact my worldview, has inevitably been influenced by the many years I have spent travelling the world as a filmmaker, where I have learnt to appreciate the pleasures of difference, as well as the way that differences are so frequently exploited and abused. One thing I have most certainly discovered on my travels is that what connects us is infinitely greater than what divides us.

Curation -which has many aspects in common with filmmaking- has become an integral part of my art-making.

Most of my work in limited edition prints is for sale.

Artist curator

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include: Utopia:Dystopia, FaB16 Festival, venues across Bath (artist and curator); Tulip, 44AD; Direction, Centrespace, Bristol; Waiting Room ­ art and science 44AD with Bath University; Deck the Walls, 44AD Bath; Out of Time, Gabriel Fine Art, Waterloo,London; Love&Death @ Walcot Chapel, Bath (artist and curator); Still, 44AD, Bath; Deck the Walls, 44AD Bath; Festive, Andelli Arts, Wells; Art of Nature 3, Balaji Temple, Birmingham; Eighth Wonder, 44AD, Bath; Forest of Imagination, 44AD Bath; Timeslip, FaB14 Festival, Bath; Windscapes, Dorchester County Hospital, Dorset; Transformations, PhotoPlace, Middlebury, Vermont; Vinis Vinifera, Dalston, London; Creekside Open, APT Gallery, Deptford, London; TM13, Real Fonderia Gallery, Palermo, Sicily; Lyme Open 2013, Malthouse Gallery, Lyme Regis, Dorset (Prizewinner); SCOPE, Miami, Florida; Colletiva 1, Garage Bonci, Pietrasanta, Tuscany; Immersive video presentation for Cultural Olympiad, ICCI 360 degree Arena, Olympic sailing venue, Weymouth, Dorset.

Film presentations and talks include: ICA, National Gallery, Tate and NFT, London - Modern Art Oxford - Ikon, Birmingham - Orchard, Edinburgh and others across UK - MoMA, Metropolitan, Whitney and Broadcasting Museums, New York - Pompidou Centre, Paris - National Gallery, Sydney.

As well as making my own artwork I have made films featuring visual artists as diverse as Rembrandt and Jean Michel Basquiat, Giotto and Joseph Beuys, Michael Nelson Tjakamarra and Anselm Kiefer. History, politics, belief and ideas run as continuous strands through my work as a fillmaker, but so too do the sensuous and emotional.

My photographs have been published widely in newspapers and magazines. I have contributed as a photographer to several books and have been sole photographer on two.

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