Forest Face XV, 2018

Side Projects and Exhibitions:
1993-1996 - realized a project to study archival photographic heritage financially supported by the Swiss Cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia, the result of which selects and has curated exhibitions:
• "Contemporary Bulgarian creative photography" in 1994 in the National Gallery, which exhibits serve as a basis the photographic collection at the National Art Gallery;
• "Bulgarian military Photography 1878 - 1918" in 1995 at the National History Museum, which, after its premiere is shown in ten cities in Bulgaria and is currently part of the archival heritage of the museum;
• "The Portrait in Bulgarian Photography - Before and Today" in 1996 at the "Sredets" Gallery in Sofia, which is also displayed outside the capital.
Based on these exhibitions she published three books with the same titles.
Outside of teaching and theoretical activity she is realized in the field of artistic photography (in her work she is implementing a number of mix media techniques, montages and collages), theater photography (she has shot productions of a number of prominent Bulgarian filmmakers in most Sofia theaters), as well as graphic and HTML design.
Her works are grouped in cycles with titles:
• "Masks" (1985), "Asleep and awake" (1986-87), "Glass Shard" (1989-91), "Children" (1992) "Metaphrases" (1993) - brought together in an exhibition entitled "Game of Time";
• "Shadows of Presences Past" (1984-1997);
• "The Leaves" (1997-2000), "The Seeds" (1998-1999), "The Sea" (1998-1999), "The Meadow" (1998-1999), "The Garden" (1998-2000), "The Forest" (1998-2000), gathered in the exhibition "Gray and Colour";
• "Ritual masks" - 2000-2003.
She has participated in a series of joint exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, UK, Serbia, Poland, Denmark and Bulgaria. Her works are part of the collections of the Museum "Victoria and Albert" in London, the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague as well as in private collections in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, USA, Switzerland, Japan and South Africa.
Solo exhibitions:
• 1985 - Graduation Exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic
• 1993 - "Game Time", International Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia
• 1994 - "Game Time" gallery "Ata-Ray", Sofia
• 1996 - "Photography" Gallery schedule and work on paper, Old Town
• 1997 - "Shadows of the Past Presence", gallery "Art 36", Sofia
• 1998 - "Gray and Color" gallery "Ata-Ray", Sofia
• 1999 - "Photo graphy and" Czech Centre in Sofia
• 2000 - "Gray and color," House of radio and television, the Old Town
• 2003 - "A Ritual Masks" Gallery "Artist Proof Studio", Johannesburg, South Africa
• 2004 - "Ritual Masks" PI Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
• 2007 - "Shadows of the Past Presence", Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.
• May 2016 - "Metamorphoses", Museum of Photography and Contemporary Visual Arts, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
• October 2016 - "Things", Balabanov's House, Ancient Plovdiv, Bulgaria
• February 2017 - "Fruits of Earth and Love", Gallery "Rayko Alexiev", Sofia, Bulgaria

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