Jean-François Réveillard, Swiss Artist born in Paris. He finds his inspiration in the Swiss mountains and during several trips around the world. His painting and drawing technique is mainly inspired by Japanese Calligraphy as well. Besides painting and drawing, the Artist is strongly involved in the digital media, video art, digital, 3D printing, virtual worlds and street art.

He likes to define himself as a «Cross Media Picture Maker». He applies the contemporary art as a mirror, reflecting and spreading cultural. political and philosophical ideas.

" Drawing is my daily exercize, always first step of an idea generating concept, sculpture, painting, or videoartwork. Sometimes my draw is more elaborate, using oil pastel when i travel and want to give the feeling of the place where i am and or what i live deeply in my life. Technics really depends of my moods, but one thing is regular, everyday(night) i draw "

Exhibitions and study:

- 1980 - Jeune peinture jeune expression Paris - Atelier 74 – Esplanade Beaubourg – Atelier video Jacqueline Dunand - Ecole du louvre - Isao Matsushita assistant – Art cloche video performance - Galerie du Chardon rue mouffetard Paris - Cultural Center Saint Etienne – New york taxi videoart - video Adriano Maraldi « objets libres » - Rue des Thermopyles Atelier studio de création - Holy land video study – Tokyo trip videoart – Censier Cultural center Paris – Creation of European video platform for Olympus company -
- 1997 - Creation of first webtv platform in Europe for music, cinema art and science - Virtual world creation of interactiv process for EU consortium – Creation of a laboratory for art and knowledge inside virtual world – Consultant at Ellinogermaniki for new digital interactiv process in art and technology - Tal Museum Engelberg Switzerland painting and drawing -
- 2012 - Zurich . Art bag 3.0 @ Artecorum - Art to Go @ Interio Dübendorf
- 2013 - Exhibiton @ Artecorum Artspace Galery- Zurich 8001 - Vernissage with Suguru Ito & Sandro Foschi musical tango history concert - Montreux Neurological congress . Emotion. series drawing - Papergirl Hambourg - Instagram show @ Los Angeles – Curated Top 40 swiss hot artist by Saatchi – Selected on Sedition digital art platform – Arte-TV - 2014 – Cross art performance @ Spielmann pianos with Suguru Ito piano recital – Zurich Contemporary art fair human and nature installation with painting drawing and videoart -
- 2015 - Contemporary art week in Basel - Video installation @ RHY - Gallery Fafou installation Human and Nature Oberuzwill -
- 2016 - Contemporary art week in Basel – Zurich Contemporary art fair installation with video art and 3D sculpture PARTICLES -
- 2017 - Winter Ephemeral installation in swiss high mountain - Street art, photography and 3D Sculpture VAGUES - Zurich Contemporary art fair - Montreux art galery MAG Switzerland-
- 2018 - Basel art week . installation @rhypark COLORS - 20th Zurich contemporary art fair -

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