Thematically and visually I am interested in violence, the loss of control, animism and other primitive aspects of mankind.
It fascinates me that after ten thousands of years of (relative) civilization the dormant laying traits from past stages of our evolution can suddenly resurface again when we are put under pressure and the “oldest” part of our brain takes over. Showing the normally covered inside, in a psychological as well as in the extreme case of some victims in a literal way.
And how the psychological unbalance caused by intoxication, aggression, insanity etc is physically expressed in a change of body posture and the irregular dynamic of movement when the sense of balance is corroded by wounds, extreme emotion or intoxication.
Violence interests me because of its primal energy and transforming potential. How it deconstructs its recipient and a fusion of the perpetrator and recipient into a new object which takes place at the moment of impact.

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