Joseph Paulino is an American Artist who resides in NYC metropolitan area. The son of Spaniard immigrants. He holds a Master in Fine Arts from Academia de Bellas Artes de Santo Domingo.
He also studied architecture before moving to New York City. Joseph enjoys exploring all styles of painting and demonstrates limitless possibilities when it comes to medium and components. His work often incorporates unusual materials—from dirt to plaster to elements used in construction. Joe sees painting is a means for expression—like poetry—and believes the creative process should remain unique to every artist rather than conforming to set standards. Always an observer, Joe is constantly inspired by the world around him, including darker aspects of the human condition.

Artist Statement:
My work explores the paradigms of time and essence in relationship with humanity, the constant shock of nature and humanity. The universe and all its consequences and coincidences. I don’t explore politics or any particular social theme in my work. I believe art does not need a purpose and every artist is free to choose what it is that moves him to create. We are free to think and explore whatever we feel can alleviate our pain or substantiate our necessity for acceptance and recognition. I feel the necessity to explore the imperfections of every subject I come across with. I want to destroy, tear apart and deconstruct everything that ignites my interest as if I wanted to make a statement when in fact I don’t.
I could take perfect photographs, instead I want to explore what are sometimes referred to as “imperfect or out of focus pictures” and not stop there but take that photograph on a journey or process of discovery.

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