Ma propre entente avec la réalité

Research, observations and visual obsessions
« Over the past year, I've been inspired to show our times. I'm no longer a body, I am a decision. Photographing fragile life. To forget. For our children.
I wander day and night through our wounded capital, looking for life. Intimately, I approach faces and capture emotions. How do we feel in 2015? Is our youth strong enough to deal with the world we're leaving them ? » Julie Peiffer - 2015
Brought up in a hippie community in the 70s by a father who was an artist experiencing social breakdown, Julie Peiffer barely integrated the rules of social life. She was a solitary child who spent her time contemplating.
At 17, Julie arrived in Paris. She observed people and their behavior as to integrate their codes.
With naivety and innocence, she met anonymous faces and places, and experienced how human beings become, live, grow, blossom, age, transmit and leave ... She didn't know the city and she didn't know the life she was witnessing.
She has had several professional lives, especially in journalism, but her visual sense has come to the fore. She sees emotion, beauty and difference.
On January 7th, 2015, the day of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, she opened her eyes and took her camera through the streets of Paris, day and night.
Intrigued by the adaptation of living in the city, she wandered. Her street photographs capture authentic moments of life, seemingly to reassure herself, proving that life is present.
In her portraits, the Woman remains the center of interest (#16ansEn2015 series or #Women). We can relate to her sensual images, both still and silent. Emotion, body, matter, motion. Life in an intimate style.
With little constraint, Julie Peiffer is constantly searching, through the natural and authentic. Her close-ups embrace emotion, alongside moments of life. More than anything, she can't be restrained.
Photography is for her a means of expression and personal discovery. In search of the perfect moment, a happy, lively moment, to pass on to those who don't see them. Irresistibly attracted by life...

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