As an artist, I consider myself a painter first, although I also make ceramic sculptures and pottery. Oil paint is my medium of choice. I like the rich color of oils, and I just enjoy the process.
I am known mostly for the unique content of my paintings. I like to make up original images, unique to my own imagination, and share them with others by painting them.
A large portion of my current body of work is made up of what I call “Deconstructed Nudes.” These are nude figures that are taken apart, physically, in some way, to represent emotional damage or discord. In order to make light of a heavy subject, I tend to use bright colors to paint these images. This also helps to give the subjects of my paintings the appearance of being “broken but hopeful.” I like to give my pieces titles that hint at the meaning of the painting, and I like to use humor in my titles.
I have shown work numerous times at the Lakeland Art Gallery, Pierceton, IN. I have participated in exhibitions with the Motherlode Art Group in Fort Wayne, IN. I have displayed artwork in multiple local coffeehouses, and also the Blue Pearl Gallery in Pierceton, IN. I have sold many art pieces online, most recently on, where I maintain a large shop,, and I am currently an active/exhibiting member of the Artist Forum group, and Lakeland Art Association.

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