Liu Dao (a Pinyin phrase meaning "island number 6" – Chinese: 六岛; pinyin: Liù dǎo, Mandarin: [ljôu tɑ̀ʊ] ( listen)) is an international multidisciplinary art collective based at the island6 Arts Center in 50 Moganshan Road M50, contemporary art district Shanghai, China.Liu Dao was founded in 2006 by island6 Arts Center under the direction of French curator Thomas Charvériat. Liu Dao is an electronic art group composed of performance artists, multimedia artists, curators, writers, art critics and engineers. Their work focuses on interactive art installations that explore the effects that "technologies have on our perception and modes of communication" but also on LED art, photography, modern sculpture and paintings.Liu Dao has exhibited in Albert Benamou Gallery, Galerie Twenty-one and Loft in Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA), Studio Rouge in Shanghai, Rockbund Art Museum, Hong Kong Art Fair, the Louis Vuitton Maison in Taipei and the Louis Vuitton gallery in Macau, Tally Beck Contemporary in New York, SCOPE Art Show in New York and Basel, Gallery Etemad in Dubai and Lotus Arts de Vivre in Bangkok.Liu Dao artworks were taken into White Rabbit Gallery's collection of Chinese contemporary art in Sydney as "a less literal and more expressionistic lens" of cultural shifts in China, among artworks from artists such as Bingyi and Cang Xin, and in 2010 were brought into the Louis Vuitton gallery of Macau alongside Damien Hirst, Thomas Heatherwick and Cai Guo-Qiang.In June 2012 LiuDao opened island6 Hong Kong, a gallery space at No. 1 New Street, in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong.In October 2013, island6 and the Liu Dao art collective opened island6 Bund, located on the Bund location, Fuzhou Lu and Zhongshan Lu, Shanghai.

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