I'm Missy Jubilee and I am an artist and film maker. And I am dedicated to the erotic beauty of female sexuality & the intellectual process behind it.

I am always trying to find the poetry and beauty in its erotic essence, and then translating it as art into the world of film.

My chosen artistic specialty is erotica, and my subject is myself - since I'm always available, I turn up to shoots on time and I'm cheap (in a production cost sense) .

I want my erotica to appeal to thinking men and women. People with class, intelligence & taste. People who are sick of the same old porn that gets dished up as acceptable to an evolved & sophisticated audience.

Just making porn more hardcore, more explicit, more gross is not improving it or evolving it. It is a comment on the porn industry that they have run out of ideas. That they have no imagination.

I haven't run out of ideas or imagination. I haven't even started.

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