Naomi Middelmann’s work explores the question of personal identity and personal history and overall artistic conventions.

Middelmann is working on a series called *painting deconstructed,” in which she disassembles and then reassembles canvasses and frames in an exploration of painting beyond a predetermined format.

Middelmann has also transformed over 200 of her primary and secondary school notebooks and textbooks into sculptures and installations. Using every sheet of paper, she has and is still creating seeds (up to 1.5m wide and high), sticks and logs returning the paper to its natural state in attempt to explore the question of education and knowledge, the weight of history and the ambiguity of education both opening doors, but also demanding responsibility. Some of the pages/textbooks are left in their natural state, others pressed, and some are covered in natural pigments and ash to resemble wood or burnt wood. Some are empty shells or carcasses, others are closed and heavy

She is a member of the Swiss Artist Association, VISARTE.
With her interest in the ambiguity of our perceptions, she is actively collaborating and designing research projects with various leading neuroscientists at top universities in the USA, Germany and Switzerland. She will be presenting her work and process at the Brain Mind Institute of Vanderbilt University, USA. Her work will also be featured on the cover of Neuropsychologia in June.

Born in Switzerland, Middelmann moved to New York in 1989. After earning a degree in Creative writing and International Relations from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, she worked in publishing in New York. In 2002, she moved back to Switzerland and studied first stained glass at the Ecole Supérieure de Création et de Vitrail in Monthey and then earned a visual art degree from the Visual Art School in Basel in 2009.

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