I am an Iranian- French artist. I have experienced different eras in my artistic life. In each era, I experimented with different styles and media regarding the situation and my mentality at that time. I started by painting imaginary landscapes with combining colored pencil and watercolor. Later on, I was attracted towards old architecture. Taking photos of different locations, I tried to reproduce distinctive atmosphere using materials such as oil and bitumen as mediums of my paintings. In the next era, I experimented with adding materials such as colored powder, glue, sawdust, and other materials into bitumen.
Since I’ve been to France, visiting different museums, art galleries, festivals, and …, my understanding of the visual art has been changed and I’ve been touched by the modern art influences on the history of art. Actually, this close acquaintance with western art made me review and reappraise my artistic project, and try to find a new and free way of expression based on my experience enhanced by this new understanding of contemporary art. For the moment, I’m working kind of abstraction in the light of new findings from living in Europe. Regarding the style and form, I’ve chosen acrylic, airbrush, ink, and magic markers. And, who knows what tomorrow brings?
Born on 1960 in Tehran (Iran)
Graduate of the “University Art “in Tehran (Iran) in 1993
Arrived in France on 2001

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