The Glaslyn river, some up-cycled materials, some natural fuels, a few sparks and a whole heap of serendipity.

Fire in all its forms has always fascinated me: I am drawn by its temperamental unpredictability and anotherness, its ability to speak to our primal roots; and its beauty.

In 2012 I discovered a new delight: fire on water.

My Water Lantern Series are elemental adventures: fire is my spirit, my spark of life, the waters my emotions; I set the one adrift upon the currents of the other, swaddled in a frail skin, to be driven (or not) by the whims of the wind – they are life adventures.
The water lanterns are made entirely from natural, mostly recycled, materials, use local beeswax for fuel and are completely biodegradable; I believe that where things come from and go to is of greater significance than the brief lives of whatever we choose to make of them.

The Jar Lantern series are adventures of a different kind. They are altogether more robust dwellings for the spark and are evolving to withstand the capricious Welsh climate.

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