Lizzie 2

From the age of fifteen, in the early 1960's, I spent nearly three years at Art School studying Fine Art . It laid the groundwork and encouraged a love of drawing , which is fundamental, because in order to break the rules , you first need to know what they are. Life intervened as it does , but now after many years too busy to paint or draw , I at last have the time to indulge my passion.... and I am loving it. My work is varied depending on the medium , more traditional, using an earth palette and sometimes glazes in my oil painting , more impressionistic in my Pastel work , but I always try to engage the viewer and to connect emotionally , and this is where artistic license becomes useful and a style becomes your own. I am interested in the journey, and for me it is a journey that never ends, it constantly changes and evolves. Life studies, figurative and portraiture are my loves . I am fascinated by people, and passionate about Art, and I hope I am beginning to merge the two into an interesting mix.

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