Born in 1955, lives and works in Paris.

Trained as a copyist at the Louvre museum, she was imbued with the techniques of ancient painting. She studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris and the School of Fine Arts in Basel. By drawing on this training, she found her way into abstract art and developed an original mixed technique.

A member of the Maison des Artistes, she was helped in the process by supportive relationships, such as art collector Jacques Hachuel or painter Jacques Gatti, who gave her confidence through their orders or encouragements. She works with contemporary art gallery Collection Privée in Paris Ile Saint-Louis and presented her work in several group exhibitions, notably the Salons d'Automne in France, in China and in Israel, Agora Gallery in New York and Salon des Artistes Français where she was awarded the Paul Paté Prize (2017).

Artist Statement
A “squat” artist committed to creative soul-searching, I strive with forms, colors, and contrasts towards a sober, non-rigid equilibrium, where harmony is broken by a few dissonances. My source of inspiration stems from a construction. My structural compositions are built on the interaction between the opacity of various materials and the transparency of silk paper, used as an intangible shroud that blurs contours and increases depth. My artworks portray a variation of perspectives, far from the aesthetic of “jamais vu,” with which those who have faith in the fragile and partial sense of life can commune: a vibrant yet evocative world into which the viewers can escape as their imagination sees fit, like windows opened on different ways of understanding despite the chaos.

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