Víctor Vega is an artistic painter who lives and works in Madrid,Spain.His childhood and adolescence were spent in Málaga which left a mediterranean sea mark reflected in most of his works.Throughout his artistic carrer he has experienced various trends and styles,from impressionism to expressionism inspired by landscapes and cityscapes. However,his constant search for new paths, has led him to speak in codes of abstraction,always considering where he paints, either canvas, board, or paper, as a space in which the idylic path puts abstract and poetic elements with matching colors that develop a world of personal signs gestural action with grafics that have no limits. Some signs and words are embedded in matter and make their appearance to plant their elements of presence enriching the territory of the painting.Textile overlay provoke suggestive associations.Stripes, squares and smooth patterns act as paint hues.It is an aesthetic position that exceeds the threshold of figurative,into a field of idealizations, without losing the tangible reference of things. He paints like he is writing, as the abstract images of his paintings can be read intuitively.The words, scratches, lines, continuous dashes and circles on color fields damaged by the passage of time are true symbols. He develops graphics as illustrative elements of feelings and literary meanings. Some fragments of works sometimes taking you to docks an piers of mediterranean sea. However, they are the result of spontaneity, memories, features and gestures that refer to all time artistic creation. To his credit, he has a large number of solo and group exhibitions in galleries,art fairs and cultural centers. His work is represented in private and public collections in Spain and the United States and some of them have been awarded and selected in various contests of contemporary paintings.One of his works was finalist at Christie´s/LD in february 2015.

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