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Anders Kumlien

Swedish (b. 1972) - lives in Stockholm, Sweden

Anders Kumlien, born in 1972, works with the visual form of expression. To enrich his own experience, he served as apprenticeship to his uncle, Bertil Kumlien, a well-known archipelago artist. Anders is trained in painting and croquis. He has lived by his art and design since 1992, and had his first public exhibition in 2005.

The Kumlien clan is scattered with artists and designers. At each point in time since the early 1800, several members of Anders Kumlien’s family has been among the country’s most renowned artists, allowing for Anders to grow up surrounded by art and early on encouraged to explore his own creativity through different modes of expression. This provided Anders with a close relationship to art, which naturally influenced his approach. Famous names from the artistic Kumlien clan include Axel Kumlien (1833–1913), Stockholm architect, Anders' great-grandfather Akke Kumlien (1884 1949), graphic artist and oil painter, and Bertil Kumlien (1919–2012). He has also drawn influence from his grandmother's father, artist Ewald Dahlskog (1894–1950).

Member of

Swedish Artists Association SKF
The Artists Organisation KRO
Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden BUS

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