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Angie Jones

American - lives in Los Angeles, California

Angie Jones is a contemporary American artist residing in Los Angeles at Brewery Artist Complex. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, moved to California in 1995 to work as an animator in the motion picture industry. After two decades working on award winning Hollywood Blockbusters, Jones returned to traditional mediums and original content through painting. The meeting of modern and traditional approaches to painting and content gave birth to Angie’s inimitable style. She is inspired by the music, art, video games, pop culture and movies from her childhood. Angie graduated with a BFA in Electronic Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA and continues her graduate studies in painting at Laguna College of Art and Design. Angie has participated in solo and group shows at galleries and museums nationwide including the Laguna Art Museum, Prohibition Gallery, James Gray Gallery, Fullerton Art Museum, and The Chandler Center for Art in Arizona.

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