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Jacqueline Geng

lives in Johannesburg

Narcissism, voyeurism, erotic-exploration, however one wishes to describe the process of photographing oneself on an almost daily basis, produces a new identity. This ‘Stranger’, both known and unknown, both intimate and strange, becomes an addictive and obsessive companion on the never-ending journey through the inner worlds of the Self.

Between the Virtual Self and the Physical Self there are so many Selves. I am interested in the in-between; the isolated image that is neither fully representative, nor fully fantasy, the digital self-portrait, the posed-for ‘selfie’ that conceals and exposes both worlds of the subject who becomes the object of her own gaze.

The strategy of self-seduction……..

"Our mortal self-absorption with our image consoles us for the irreversibility of our having been born and having to reproduce. It is by this sensual, incestuous transaction with our image, our double, and our death, that we gain our power of seduction."

‘I’ll be your mirror’ does not signify ‘I’ll be your reflection” but “I’ll be your deception.”

"To seduce is to die as reality and reconstitute oneself as illusion. It is to be taken in by one’s own illusion and move in an enchanted world. It is the power of a seductive woman who takes herself for her own desire, and delights in the self-deception in which others in their turn, will be caught. Narcissus too loses himself in his own illusory image, that is why he turns from his truth, and by his example turns others from their truth – and so becomes a model for love.

The strategy of seduction is one of deception."

- Baudrillard

I am interested in the manipulation of the gaze: the appropriation thereof and its consequences, of wrestling one’s own view of oneself to become, in the process, the Other and the Object.

I am interested in the illusion of truth of an image, the boundaries between realities and the psychological subtleties thereof.

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