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Koen Broucke


Koen Broucke (Belgium, 1965) is an extremely versatile artist. Koen Broucke knows how to give shape to his unique universe through image, text and music and the result is incredibly fascinating. Alternating between reality and imagination, historical facts and fantasy, a self-written scenario in which historical figures and fictional characters is brought to life in his work. With his drawings, paintings and performances Koen Broucke has developed a magnificent but also a very distinctive personal style. Guaranteeing him a very special place in the landscape of contemporary Belgian art.

'Using shapes and forms that often light up in darkness, Broucke evokes in my view the two extremes between which our existence unfolds. Our journey through life is analogous to the fictional journey through painting and the painting itself is an attempt to extract light from darkness.'
Nico Out, Ode to the miracle that paint can evoke something, 2012

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