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Olivier Devignaud

French (b. 1967) - lives in Saint-Etienne

Painter, video maker and graphic designer, born on May 1967, former boxer, Olivier Devignaud works and lives in Saint-Etienne, France.
His style, graphic and gladly provocative, draws its inspiration from the advertising language and free figuration movement.
He gives a critical image of our consumer society.
The words and the typeface adopt an existential dimension in this work of «recycling» where angels’ wings, Vanities, everyday objects, theological and military references appear in recurring symbols in the form of graffiti or almost infantile iconographies.
Olivier Devignaud currently exhibits his work in France and abroad.
He received several distinctions for his art work in Japan in 1991, Dingle, Ireland and Ourense, Spain in 2007, London in 2010 (London International Creative Competition), Milan, Italy (Donkey Art Prize) and in Middletown, USA in 2011…

Selected Moments :
Since 2012…
Solo Show - Autour de l'Image, Lyon (France) 2016
Donkey Art Prize - Dubaï (UAE) 2015
Figures de Style - L'Appartement, Marseille (France) 2015
Art Olympia - Toshima City Hall - Tokyo (Japon) 2015
Solo Show - Revolution 9, Paris (France) 2015
Solo Show - Autour de l’Image, Lyon (France) 2014
Lille Art Fair (2013) - Lille (France) Ze Art Galerie
AAF Bruxelles (2013), Bruxelles (Belgium) Ze Art Galerie
Solo Show : recent artwork on paper (2012-2013) - Ze Art Galerie - Paris
Bertheas Gallery (Vichy, Saint-Etienne
Ze Art Galerie (Paris, Dinard).
2011 : Art’Nîm, Nîmes (France) Bertheas Gallery
Autour de l’Image (solo show) - Lyon (France)
Gallore Gallery - Middletown (USA)
Bertheas Gallery - Vichy (France) - Collective exhibition
Puls’Art 2011 - Le Mans (France)
Donkey Art Prize - Milan (Italy)
2010 : LICC 2010
London International Creative Competition, London (United Kingdom)
Shortlist Award (“Flowers” series) and Honorable
Mention (“A Foot” series)
Production of video art “Toro Delicate” (3’44)
2008 : 10th International Design Biennal Saint-Etienne (France) - Picture performance
Since 2007 : Zio Peppino blog
2005 to 2007 : Production of short film “Boxeador”(7’45)
Special Jury Prize, Grand Prix des Vlogs 2007, Paris, France
Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2007, Cannes
Official Selection Dingle International Film Festival, 2007, Dingle, Ireland
Official Selection 12th Ourense International Independent Film Festival, 2007, Ourense, Spain
2004 : 4th European Biennal of Contemporary Art (Nîmes, France) - Collective exhibition
2001 to 2003 : Art dans la Ville (Saint-Etienne, France)
Galerie L - Individual and collective exhibitions
2001 : Polysonneries (Lyon, France) - “2*” Vidéo-performance - Closing ceremony of the 2nd International Festival of Live Art
Selection at the 4th «Nuit des Arts Electroniques» Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand (France)
Ubik (France 5) - TV show
2000 : Production of short film “A la Recherche de Swan” (11’) and co-writing of full-length film “La Maison de Caroline”
1999 : Fenêtre sur Art - Autour de l’Image (Lyon, France) - Collective exhibitions
1998 : Diesel Production 98 Event - Digital art - Collective exhibition
1997 : Duna Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)
Pepo Hernando’s Gallery (Burgos, Spain)
Crédit Mutuel (France)
1996 to 2002 : Art dans la Ville (Saint-Etienne, France) - Individual and collective exhibitions
1995 : 95 Cannes Art Jonction (Cannes, France) - Galerie L - Collective exhibition
1993 to 1994 : Galerie L (France, Spain, Switzerland) - Individual and collective exhibitions
1991 : Winners Award of the Second Postage Stamp Design Contest - 3rd price (Japan)

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