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Tamaho Togasaki

Japanese - lives in Tokyo

I was born in Tokyo, Japan.
I studied Sokei Academy of Fine Art and Design BFA and graduated in 1995.

Recent solo and group exhibitions
“ Affordalbe Art Fair,” Battersea London (2014);
“Tamaho Togasaki Solo,” Azabujuban Gallery, Tokyo Japan (2013);
“ Affordalbe Art Fair,” Hong Kong (2013);
“Japanese Art Exhibition,” Urban’hair/Consept Shop/Gallery(Down Staires), Deauville France (2013);
”2013 Kaohsiung Design Festival SeeD Exhibition”Kaohsiung Taiwan(2013);
“Rassemblement des artistes du pop art japonais contemporain,” Galerie Brugier-Rigail, Paris France (2011);
“Affordalbe Art Fair,” Sydney Australia (2010);
“Art Sydney,”Sydney Australia (2009);
“Art Melbourne,” Melbourne Australia (2007,2008,2009).

I lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

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