- Born 1959 in Düsseldorf,
- Grade school and academic high school.
- Communication sciences course of study at
FH Düsseldorf with main focus "Graphics & Design".

During the course:
- Tutor for Prof. Peuckert in department of etchings
- Creation of large-format linocuts for Prof. Jörg Immendorf

Professional Development
- Freelance employee at advertisement agency for layout and design in Düsseldorf region
- Management of the design department of the largest German ribbon-weaving mill
- Graphic designer at advertising agency in Saarland,
- Founder of my own agency for advertising and design;

In 1991 I discovered oil painting for my own pleasure and developed my abilities
through self-teaching.

International Exhibitions:
- 10th Art International in Zürich (2010)
- 13th Art International in Zürich (2013)
- AAF Milano 2105
- ARTEXPO 2015 Milano
- Asia Contemporary Art Show ; Hongkong 2015

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